Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Monday post

Hi everyone! I'm trying to stay consistent on my blogging! I haven't made a video on youtube for a while, and it's not because I don't want to, it's because every time I record a video, and I start editing, I don't like how everything looks. I don't know, whats wrong with me. Anyway this is going to be a quick recap of what I've been doing recently. 

So Friday was black Friday, and I love shopping, so I stopped by my local mall and tried to grab some deals. And this is what the mall looked like around 11:30pm. Right before midnight! There were tons of people waiting for their favorite stores to open. It was madness. Well it was midnight madness.  
Then when I was there I picked up a couple things from forever21. I'm going to edit the video of my black Friday haul real soon. The only reason I don't want to edit it is because I don't have any makeup on, because I went to the mall 2 times on Friday. I know, weird huh? The reason why I went back to the mall, was because the lines were so long when I went there at midnight, that I didn't want to stand in 4 or 5 different stores, waiting for a cash register to be open. So I went back to the mall around 10am, and I shopped, until I was sick of the mall. 

Anyway, so after I went to the mall the second time, I went to Guess, and I saw these super cute shoes! I wanted to get them, since they were having a 60% off sale, on all sale items. But m y credit card said no! Haha. So I ended up not getting them. But don't they look cute?? They were on sale for $119 but in addition to the 60% off the total would have been $47.60! 
And basically this past week, my brother came home, and he has been eating all the food in the house, whenever he feels like, which kind of annoys me. So I've come up with super easy recipes that I can eat. Below, I made a really easy egg salad muffin! Complete with cheese! Unfortunately, we don't have any more English muffins at my house, so I can't make any more of these. 
And I've been craving noodles for a while now! So I made some super simple noodles. All you need is noodles, soy sauce, sesame oil, and any other spices you might want to throw in! And that's it! I love making simple food! 
So recently the sun has been setting super early! Like around 4:30! It's insane. I don't think the sun set this early last year. I don't know, but it's kind of annoying, because I usually like to go for a walk around 4pm, and this totally disturbs my walking schedule. And since I'm so lazy and I hate getting up early, (Thank goodness, I work in the afternoons) this whole sun setting thing is getting on my nerves! I've asked my boyfriend to get me a visor extender for my scion tC, but all he says, is you don't need it. But now that the sun is setting so early, the sun gets in my eyes and around 3:30pm. So I'm going to bug him, until he gives in. 

So on Saturday, my friend and I went to the Thrift store to see if we could get any good deals. I got a couple of items, but I'm just going to show you the items that I really really like! The first item, that I got that I'm really loving, is this sunflower candle. It smells so good, and the sunflower shape is also great! 
Sorry if my pictures look blurry. I took a majority of these pictures with my phone. I planned on taking them with my camera, but at the moment, my camera is in my purse, and I'm too lazy to get it! Haha. So the second item, I really like, is this tiny tea cup. If you've ever drunk Chinese tea, you will know that we have small cups. I don't know why that is. But this little cup reminds me of a shot glass. Haha. 
The last thing I wanted to show you guys, was this skirt on I was browsing her website, because my mom recently bought a Kate Spade handbag. And I was looking at some of her clearance clothes, and I came upon this adorable skirt! It's such a great skirt, with the ribbon and everything, wouldn't you agree? 
 I thought this skirt was kind of cute too. I love it when you match bright colored tights to such a neutral outfit. 
And that is it for me. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and stuffed themselves till they were too full! Haha, I know I did! :) 


  1. Deny! midnight madness FUN huh? hahaha!

    your egg sandwich made me crave for some too! heehee :)

  2. Reading a blog at 12AM in the morning that contains food is not good. After I post this comment, I am going to get up and head to the kitchen to look for snacks! :P

  3. DAMN! Hella' packed, ahaha. Those heels are cute though ;]

  4. THOSE HEELS ARE GORGEOUS!!! Why don't we Aussies have awesome Black Friday Sales like the Americans?

  5. The shoes do look really pretty! Too bad you didn't get it!

  6. Kate Spade was my first designer bag. Now I'm a Coach, Cole Haan and Juicy fan. I saw some Coach shoes I wanted as well. NOT at 60% off. Priced at $350. I left without them. Sad story.


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