Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone! I'm back! School just ended last Thursday, and I was trying to get some R&R before summer started! Anyway, I have a couple things I want to share with everyone! :)

These were some sunglasses that I bought from forever21 a couple weeks ago! I can't seem to find them anymore though, I think I left them at my boyfriend's house.

A cute black Aldo purse that I bought! I love long strapped purses!

This past weekend, there was a LRG (Lifted Research Group) sample sale in Lake Forest, and my boyfriend loves LRG so we had to go check it out. They had a section dedicated to women's clothing, and of course I had see if they had anything good! They only have their sample sale 2 times a year. And the good thing is that they charge per pound. So first you go into the sale section, and they give you a garbage bag, and you can fill it up with as many items as you want. And then afterwards, they weigh it, and then you pay! And the good thing was that we went there on the last day, so of course they lowered the price per pound. It ended up being $10 per pound!

This is one of the blazers I picked up! It's really cute, and looks like a military like blazer!

The tag says Luxirie by LRG!

Their logo.

This jacket was originally $192! And then it got marked down, and marked down, and marked down, until it cost around $5!!!

Their logo again.

This is the bucket on the side pockets.

This is a shirt I picked up. I love their logo! It's so cute!

So I've been trying to cut back on fatty foods, and trying to eat healthy. But sometimes, I can't help it especially since I see bread, and I really want to eat it!

Yummy custard bun!

I got this sandwich from 99 Ranch! It was really yummy! (I ate one grape before I took this picture)

I made my own Flan! It tasted very good.

I also made an avocado shake! It was very good! I'm thinking of making more soon! :D

And my udon noodles!

I'm going to try to post more often! I've been reading a lot of blogs recently, but I haven't had time to comment on everyone's blogs, because I've been really busy with work, and school! But I'm going to try really hard to comment back on everyone! :)


  1. I can't believe you got that LRG jacket for 5$! That's amazing!! & your flan looks sooo good, mmm :P I swear I have that plate though too, ahaha.

  2. Wow, LRG by the pound!! How awesome is that! I used to go to warehouse sales when I lived in LA :D I'd go to BCBG, Charles David, even Paul Frank in Costa Mesa! But none had a deal as good as yours! No wonder it's only 2x a yr :p

    The food looks so good! :D I love 99 ranch! I've never seen those sandwiches though. Avocado shakes are my favorite! Love that :)

  3. Welcome back, girl! Nothing like a haul post to get back into gear...hee hee. I cannot believe you got that badass blazer for $5!!! Love the food porn. When did 99 Ranch start selling sammies? Looks so delish and healthy. :)

  4. i wanna try that sandwich awww hungry now..
    where's ur sunglasses? hehe
    nice haul u got cool blazer for that price :D

  5. What goodies!!! Welcome back!! I love flan! congrats on making it yourself! =)

  6. YEHHH. nomore school! XDD your bag and jacket are so cutee. wish i could've bought that jacket. things around my area never goes down to that cheap =( what is a flan ? Looks deliciousss xx

  7. finally on holidays :p yummy looking udon btw !

  8. Wow, the jacket is such a steal!

  9. Wow, I really love ur blazer, it's super pretty also ur sunglasses^^

  10. Haha! Hey it's Island Snow!! I think all their stores closed here. =[ I used to like shopping there. OMG $5!
    I should go to sample sales! I always forget or I'm broke.

  11. Haha! Hey it's Island Snow!! I think all their stores closed here. =[ I used to like shopping there. OMG $5!
    I should go to sample sales! I always forget or I'm broke.

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