Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hey everyone!

Hi everyone! So even though it's been fall for a while now, now it's really settling in! I can't wait for the holidays to start up! Thanksgiving and Christmas! And omg, before, I forget, black Friday! Haha.

Anyway, there's nothing new with me. I've just been job hunting the last couple of weeks, or month, however you want to see it. And nothing's really changed.

So anyway, since I haven't done a new fashion blog post in a while, I thought I would do one right now! Since fall is upon us, and the weather is getting colder (even though it hasn't been cold in Southern California as much as it's been hot!) I thought why not?

So the first trend of fall is patchwork: I'm not sure I'm loving the whole patchwork craze, but it does look interesting, and I think if you pair up patchwork with something a little bit sophisticated, you can get something retro, and amazing!
Ponchos: I think ponchos are in this season! The reason being is because you can always dress up a poncho. I think ponchos are like a longer coat with arms on the sides, but they are way more comfortable than a too tight jacket, that you might feel like you will rip out of!
Turtlenecks: Now, I think I can say for the most part of my childhood, my mom had me in turtlenecks a majority of the winter time, and I love how much turtlenecks have evolved over the past couple of years!
Velvet and Velour: I don't really love velvet and velour unless it's on my Juicy Couture purse, but I have to say, having a velvet dress is rather nice, for the holiday season! I wouldn't mind wearing a velvet dress for a Christmas party!
Big pants: Now this is a trend I would probably not catch up to. The reason being is because I'm of average height, 5'5 to be exact, and my body would not suit a look like this. I would never be able to pull off big pants, unless I somehow became 5'10 by tomorrow. But I have to admit these pants do look good on these models.
Capes: Now, this is a trend that I believe started when Blair Waldolf on Gossip Girl wore a cape in a Thanksgiving episode. Not sure which season it is from, but I know it was a Thanksgiving episode. I really love capes, but finding one in Southern California is like hunting for treasure. But I think capes are more suited for people who are located on the East coast.
The next two pictures I have are great ways to style yourself accordingly to the weather! And I have to say, this will be my inspiration for fall clothing, and what I plan on purchasing within the next couple of weeks! 
What I wouldn't do to have my boyfriend dress like this! Too bad he likes wearing shorts during the winter time regardless, because in Southern California it doesn't get extremely cold. The coldest we get here is around 60 degrees!
Anyway, so that's all for today's post! I'm hoping to do more beauty related posts very soon, but lately, I haven't been very inspired to do anything really crazy! But please let me know in the comments below, what types of looks you guys are looking for! And please let me know, if you think these trends will last! 

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  1. Thanks for posting all these fall fall trends Denysia, good luck in your job search. :)

  2. I love the 3rd last photo!!! i want those tights the girl has on the right!

    much love,

  3. i looove the utilitarian/military trend, fashion and cosmetic wise! :)

    i really like winter fashion, but we dont have four seasons here. :(

    good luck on the job hunting!!! :)

  4. I'm with Georgina on this, I'd love to dress up during winter, sadly we only have one season here - hot and humid all year long =[

    I can't wear ponchos, they make me look lumpy and just ugrhhh

  5. Yay to fashion posts! I'd love to get me a poncho. It looks so warm. =D Good luck on the job hunt, sweetie!

  6. LOL I'm about 5'5 too and the wide leg trend doesn't really work with me either unless I'm wearing 4 inch heels hahahah

  7. i love patchwork! one of my fave pair of shoes is a pair of keds that has different patches on it.... okay, it sounds ugly when i describe it but it's really cool. hahaha! ;P good luck with the job hunt!

  8. lol my boyfriend loves to wear shorts too and with flipflop during winter. He cant wear jackets too.... he said he overheats ... hahaha.


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