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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Bubble Skirt

So I'm kind of known as a DIY girl, but I've never thought of documenting what I've done. Because one, I'm lazy, and taking so many pictures can get annoying. So when I saw this bubble skirt, I thought to myself, I can probably just make that myself! I had seen a different picture of a similar skirt on one of the Olsen twins, though which one I cannot seem to remember. The Olsen picture was what got me inspired to DIY my own skirt. I had this James Perse skirt from when I worked at Nordstrom, and I always found it a pain to have to iron the bottom of the skirt, because it would always get wrinkled so easily. 

What I was working with. If you can't tell, I ironed out the bottom of the skirt, but it's still wrinkled, hence why I rarely wore this skirt: 
 James Perse. 
 So first up you want to pin the bottom of the skirt to the top of the skirt. I pinned the bottom very close to the top of the skirt: 
 There is thin fabric underneath that's considered the underskirt, so you want to tuck that in: 
 I'm tucking it in (Camera strap fail, haha):
 A little more tucking: 
 Then you want to make little stitches  along the parts where you pinned at: 
 Another stitch: 
 The easiest way to make the stitches, is to match up the sides and the back and the front: 
 This is what the skirt looks like when it's turned inside out: 
 The front: 
 And voila! You have your own little mini bubble skirt. 
I'm hoping this DIY tutorial isn't super confusing. I'm trying out this whole fashion blogging for a bit, and I know a lot of people enjoy reading fashion related posts.

I'm going to be doing an OOTD with this skirt this weekend! Stay tuned for that!